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The Brew Monks are mask wearing monks with a passion for all things BEER and GAMES. Hosted by the honorable, exalted, magnanimous, all seeing, all knowing, 5th decedent of the shining brew, keeper of the holy kettle, propagator of yeast, and high priest of hoppage Focious and his most trusted minion, Trubling.

Together they unbox and brew up beer and wine kits bought from all around the internet to choreographed music. After a successful batch, they review the kits for you and give a positive or negative recommendation. They also produce product reviews, product showcases, and store-bought beer reviews. During off hours the masked duo plays games together for your amusement, these segments are called “Brew Monk Game Nights”.

Break into the world of craft beer with the most unique duo of masked monks to ever scratch your home brew itch.

Brew Monks is best enjoyed with your favorite beverage served in a frosty glass.

Blessed Be The Hops!

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