Beer Snobbery

There’s nothing I hate more than watching or reading a review of a beer I am interested in and getting a connoisseurs version of a beer tasting. I don’t care about “mouth feel” nor do I care that you detect subtle notes of unicorn rainbows. Have we forgotten where beer came from and what it has done for humanity? Have we forgotten that beer is the “working man’s” (or woman’s for that matter)  drink of choice, in part to it’s “usually” affordable price?

Let’s not forget what Beer has done for us and give it the respect it deserves. I highly recommend watching the documentary “How Beer Saved the World” for an in depth view of how modern man would mostly likely be doomed without it. I don’t know when this whole Beer Snob thing started but it seems that most reviewers follow that path these days and frankly I am sick of it.

With that said.. when I taste beer, I don’t taste tangerines, strawberries, or bananas – unless those things are actually in the beer! I want a review that speaks to me on terms that I can identify with; Malt, bitterness, carbonation and hops – do we really need to go down the road of “Dirty Socks”? I surely hope not. That’s why The Brew Monks gives you our reviews straight, without all the poshness that you will usually see from other reviewers. We want you to be there with us, just a couple of guys drinking beer and telling you what we think. We have no need to appear elegant or sophisticated just to make it seem like we know what we are talking about. In short, The Brew Monks are not Beer Snobs and nor shall we ever be. We know beer and we know what we like.

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