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Every once in a while you will run across a website and think to yourself “should I buy from them?”. You might not of heard of them, or maybe you are just dodgy about shopping at a new place online. Well you are not alone! Today we review MoreBeer!


Our checkout experience was a pleasant one, and through the 3 orders we have placed so far at the site we have not ran into any problems. We are pleased to say that MoreBeer! also accepts paypal for an easy no fuss checkout. A free shipping option is also available and completely obtainable if you spend $59 or more. Nothing pisses me off more than when I am in the checkout process and find out free shipping is when you spend $500 or more.


All of our three orders was well packed and padded, with no missing or damaged items and shipped within 24 hours of purchase via FedEx and received within 2 days of shipment. I am also happy to report that they do not use that horrible and unreliable Super Saver service where your package is handed off to USPS to deliver, adding 3-4 days of shipping time.

Kit items are neatly sealed inside of what they call “flavor packs” and not scattered through the entire box for you to sift through, with the exception to Liquid Malt Extract and Yeast. Individual kit items are sealed in high quality Mylar bags or Plastic bags and clearly labeled with stickers. Each kit presents professionally and shows the company cares how they appear to the purchaser.

My only real complaint here is that the kits they sell do not include grain socks, thus making every kit you buy incomplete. There would be nothing worse than opening your kit and seeing that the sock is not included or you forgot to order them, then you have to make a trip to a store to buy one, or worse yet, make another online order for them. It baffles me as to why these are not included.


All kit items were fresh and sealed air tight in bags. Grains had all been pre-milled and ready to go at no additional charge. All hops were nice and green and wonderfully aromatic and the liquid malt extracts were all fresh and untainted.

All yeasts received were fresh, alive and WELL within the expiration date. No old yeast here!

With our order we also ordered some items as well. A new capper, some caps, a new siphon, some hosing and so on. All items ordered were neatly packed, undamaged, and new. What more could you ask for?


The included instructions with the kits we ordered were clear and easy to follow. However no matter what kit you order, you will receive instructions for both extract and all-grain (on the other side). This is no big deal for a seasoned brewer, however, I feel this could confuse a novice brewer. Mistakes could easily happen if a brewer was reading from the wrong side of the paper. My suggestion would be to include only the instructions for the kit it belongs to.


9/10 Fantastic
I would not hesitate to send anyone I know to MoreBeer! for their next kit.


MoreBeer! is about as perfect as it gets for online purchases of kits. The high quality ingredients and attention to orders really shows this company can compete with the “big boys”. MoreBeer! JUST misses a perfect score by not including a grain sock in their kits, and the confusion of two different sets of instructions could foul up a new brewer. For this they lose points and just barely miss being the first ever 10/10 on The Brew Monks.


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This review is the sole opinion of The Brew Monks and in no way officially endorses or condemns the product(s) or company behind the product. If a product has been received for free it will state so in the review. Your purchase experience may vary. 

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