The Amazing GrabOpener

Every once in a while you come across something that just catches your eye, or draws your attention in a way that makes you smile. For me this is the GrabOpener (aka GrOpener). I’ve been around craftsman my entire life, from old world carpenters, to custom car builders. In our opinion, the GrabOpener is no different.

We contacted GrOpener’s CEO Mark Manger expressing our interest in showcasing their product and they graciously offered to send us some samples to show you guys. So here we go!

Simply put, the GrabOpener is quite possibly the most innovative bottle opener to hit the U.S. market in the last decade. But the GrabOpener is not just any old bottle opener, how about a bottle opener that you can use one handed? How about the fact it does not damage caps for collectors, has a rare earth magnet embedded in it to catch your fresh popped caps, or perhaps that it is made in the USA and constructed of the finest aluminum on the market today, you can even use it to open cans in a pinch. Still not enough for you? Okay, what if they throw in a lifetime warranty on top of it. Got your attention yet?

The GrabOpener is the brainchild of Mark Manger, an Applied Artist from Denver, Colorado. Inspired by the stick & screw openers Mark encountered in Africa in the 1990′s, the GrOpener uses the same leverage principle, but in a form that allows a bottle to be opened through the simple and natural act of just grabbing it.

The GrabOpener does many things, however the main purpose of it is to allow the user to open bottles with just one hand. Imagine this scenario if you will. You are a Marine in the middle east that has lost use of one of your arms due to injury. You return home after many months of rehabilitation and grab your favorite beer, only to realize you will need to go to extremes just to open it, or even worse, ask someone else to do it. This is just one problem the GrabOpener solves perfectly. Aside from amputees this also is a great tool for nerve damage sufferers and stroke victims alike.

For the rest of us, it allows us to keep one hand free and minimizes hand contact with the body of the bottle, keeping it frosty cold for just a little bit longer.

Also, it’s just freaking cool! I mean just look at it!

You bet it does! We tested our GrabOpener on pop top caps all the way to twist off caps. It worked exactly as described and with very little effort, even on the twist off caps!

Which brings me to my next point. As a sufferer of arthritis due to age and previous injury, I found the use of GrabOpener to be easier on my hands. While officially the company does not endorse GrabOpener’s use for arthritis sufferers, I personally found this product to help, due in part to how little effort it takes to use and the minimal contact it has with my hand. Now this is of course my own experience with MY type of arthritis, your experience may vary.

It’s fast too! The standard two handed versions just take longer.

Even with a speed opener, it could not beat the speed at which these can open bottles. When speed matters, the GrabOpener does not disappoint.

The GrabOpener starts at $16. This may seem a bit pricey, however once you factor in the lifetime warranty, the fact it is constructed out of highest quality extruded aluminum from Utah (none of that cheap Chinese aluminum from these guys!), made in the good ole USA, anodized and not just painted, and free shipping for all US orders; the asking price is more than fair for a bottle opener that will last a lifetime.

The GrabOpener is available in several styles and colors to choose from. The standard version comes in six colors; Gold, Purple, Blue, Red, Green and Orange. The Scratch Resistant H-Type is available in sleek black and bare metal.  The ST version (embedded with a Stainless Steel tooth) comes in Olive, Phantom Grey and Red. Finally they even offer a keychain version for when you are on the go. They also always offer free shipping for orders placed within the United States.

The GrabOpener earns The Brew Monks seal of approval and we highly recommend this product.

You can find the GrabOpener at the official GrabOpener website. 

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