The Monks on Camera? Finally?!

Just over three years ago, The Brew Monks began exclusively as a video production. Over the course of the first year, we produced no less than 150 videos, playing games, reviewing and brewing beer on the popular platform of YouTube. While we were growing and gathering a small following, our dreams were cut short when YouTube blind banned our channel, and outright banned our Adsense account citing that we sold alcohol on our website. When we pointed out this obvious error they changed their minds to “encouraging binge and competition drinking” and refused to unban our account. YouTube obviously did not like us personally and did not want our content. It was at this time that we realized it was over for The Brew Monks.

Then a marvelous thing occurred, a new platform emerged from the screaming masses of YouTube rejects, We gathered up ourselves and moved house. Immediate success! Our channel was selected as a featured creator channel and our followers grew to almost 3000! We were able to get a few companies on board with us and were able to show you guys some crazy cool products as well!

We produced another 200+ videos of brewing, reviewing and gaming during the course of the next year. Things were going great… until… announced that as of December 2017 they would be shutting down forever. We lost our sponsors, we lost our platform and again… we were without a home. 

In stepped Twitch, like a helping hand from the darkness. Welcomed us and our unique style and introduced us to quite possibly the best community of gamers and Vloggers we have ever met.

However a problem remained. As a Monk, masks are required. The reasons of which are so guarded that no one but Focious knows the reasons why. But what’s a cult without masks? Am I right?

However, the masks that the Monks wear are not made for extended long term use, especially while drinking and playing games live on stream! Air flow, heat, and sweat were an immediate killer for being live on camera. Thusly the “Beer Cam” was born.

The Monks

However, our dreams of being live on camera did not vanish, and sparked numerous discussions about how it could be achieved and how this step is crucial to the success of our channel.

The masks had some major design flaws that would need to be addressed if we ever have any hope of being on camera. They would need to be lighter, thinner, incorporate more air flow, and allow for drinking as well!

The answer was obvious. We would need a 3D printed version of our masks. This method would allow us to fine tune our masks and address any problems that may come up until a final version could be agreed upon.

However this presented a even more pressing problem. Buying the equipment to do it! The financial burden of which is just too much to bare.  Which is why we are holding our fundraiser on every stream until the end of the year. If this goal is achieved we will be able to stream live on camera as intended AND offer giveaways of exclusive and limited edition Brew Monk merch as well.

Anyone (in the Continental United States) that donates $100 or more towards this effort will receive a special gift from us after the new year. You can also just support this effort by just helping us grow and spread the good word on the most unique masked duo to scratch your Home Brew itch.

UPDATE: We have reached our goal! In an amazing turn of events our fundraiser lasted less than 24 hours! We would like to thank the following awesome people for making this a reality.

DgtlOne, Ledgitimate, Blackheart5667, Nadia86, RonDillenger, Black_Eyed_Demon, and Poisoned_Heart.

Thank you for being awesome! Cheers and Love!

The Brew Monks

You can find us Exclusively on TWITCH!