The Past Year and the Year Ahead

2018 brought many changes to The Brew Monks. We seen many ups and downs. Ultimately in the end, we found our new home in January after a tumultuous previous two years on YouTube and one year on the failed video platform, Vidme. In January of 2018 we officially moved full time to Twitch where we grew, we brewed, we reviewed and we played many games together.

But it still was not the same. We needed that special something to bring back that old Brew Monk magic. At the stroke of midnight on January the 1st of 2019, we revealed we would finally be using our face cam more often and “possibly” doing away with the much beloved “Beer Cam”.

The reveal was a success and we continue to grow on Twitch doing what we love to do most, have fun.

Focious and Trubling Live on Twitch

So What Happens From Here?

We are very excited about what the coming year is going to allow us to bring you! We are currently planning our new segment “Cooking with Beer Live“. Where we will be showing you old favorites and new creations of food you can cook with beer! We are also kicking around a few ideas to possibly bring you live physical board and card games later this year.

The Brew Monks “Keepers of the Holy Kettle” documentary will release this year if all goes as planned. We will announce any release dates for this if it should occur. Keep a close eye on our discord and twitter feeds for updates.

Finally, we are also super stoked to announce the return of Live Brewing and Live Reviews in Q1 of 2019 if all goes well.

2019 is sure to bring BIG changes to our show and we are very optimistic about what lies around the corner for us. We hope you will be there with us as we bring the best beer based entertainment we can possibly create to Twitch.