Vidme Beats YouTube

Vidme is the Answer

On today’s YouTube the small or new content creator has little to no chance of even being seen, much less make any kind of sustainable income from it. Largely in part that YouTube is no longer geared for the small YouTuber, but instead is firmly biased for the content creators that produce 20+ minute videos everyday with $2000+ 4K cameras, office staff, editors, and writers. Some YouTubers even produce videos multiple times a day. How can we, the little guys compete with the likes of that? Simple, we just can’t. Like a knight in shining armor Vidme arose from the murky depths and offered up an alternative, an even playing field where original quality content is awarded, not buried in an endless sea of mainstream madness. But is Vidme the answer we’ve been looking for? As one famous mainstream YouTuber always says… “Let’s Talk About That”.

Let’s first talk about numbers. Let’s look at the results of our first 6 days on Vidme vs Youtube.

YouTube – 16 Subs – 9 Months
Vidme – 19 Subs – 6 days (yes that is DAYS)

YouTube – 132 Total Views – 28 Days
Vidme – 158 Total Views – 6 Days

YouTube – 24 Likes – 28 Days
Vidme – 51 Likes – 6 Days

Imagine my surprise, my utter shock and awe that The Brew Monks were actually getting watched… by actual people… wow! Clearly Vidme beats YouTubes numbers in every way. Which can only mean one thing. Vidme is currently the hottest place on the internet for new and small YouTubers that create original content. Does that mean that YouTube is dying? No, not by any means, they are just not for the common person anymore. It’s not for the “You” and “We” anymore, it is for “Them”. YouTube has taken the “You” out of YouTube, and VidME put the “ME” back in. Simple as that.

For a prime example of this, put up a simple review video on YouTube on Nintendo’s Paper Mario, just try it, see how fast your video is taken down by an unfair system that lets companies and users alike abuse the DMCA. “Them” not “You”. How about that wonderful system where you have the right to appeal any copyright claim on your videos but if you lose your appeal you get punished with a strike on your account. Yeah…. <evil face>. Do the same thing on Vidme, Nintendo will still throw a fit, but they actually have to PROVE you violated the DMCA. The burden of proof is on the complainant, If you are found in violation of the DMCA, your video will be removed, BUT you are not penalized, unless you are a gross repeat offender. See the difference there?

So is Vidme the answer? Is it the “new” YouTube? Well… to be honest, Not yet. Vidme however, IS the answer to our current problem. It does have some current drawbacks. The biggest being that they do not have any way for creators to monetize videos. However, they are working feverishly to implement a system soon. Creators can however get “tips”. These tips are held for the creators and transferred upon request. As soon as Vidme has a solid source of income for creators, I predict it will explode with tons of new content and Vidmers too. (ooo “Vidmers” kind of like that, wonder if we can get that added to the Oxford dictionary like YouTuber is 🙂 ).

As for The Brew Monks, we will remain on YouTube for now, but as soon as the time is right there is a good chance we will be closing our YouTube doors forever and create content exclusively 100% for Vidme. Until then we ask that you please support us on our Vidme channel by tipping so we can continue to pay for our website, equipment and new kits to show you guys.

UPDATE: Well YouTube has pulled another fast one on content creators and pulled monetization on all channels with less than 10,000 views because “advertiser confidence on YouTube is critical to the financial success of creators.”. Letting advertisers dictate what is acceptable and pulling monetization on channels is NOT critical to anything other than “YouTubes” success. 

So in lieu of these announcements, and partly due to our own monetization being pulled (previously for unrelated reasons – it was because we brew BEER). We now are exclusively posting our videos to Vidme. Please join us and the 25 million other users on Vidme!

Please join us at our new Vidme channel!