YouTube SUCKS and here’s why

As a small YouTuber with over 6 years of experience dealing with the online corporate entity known as YouTube and Google. I can tell you without any hesitation that YouTube SUCKS!

Recently even The Brew Monks have fallen prey to YouTube’s insanity with having our ability to monetize videos completely disabled, we can’t even schedule releases anymore. Why you ask? That is a great question, because we do not know either! We can only guess it is because we make beer, since they turned down our application multiple times for site monetization for that very reason. We have no way of contacting anyone to dispute the removal, because even THAT ability has been removed from our account (not eligible).  What’s more insane is we do not have any strikes on our account, or copyright infringements. So why did they remove it? Simple, because they can and could, and really don’t care about the small YouTuber.

I can bet you if we had 5 million subscribers we would have a direct line of communication though, I can tell you that! YouTube used to be an outlet for creative content makers, now it is little more than the Mos Eisley of the internet – A wretched hive of scum and villainy.

So here’s my top 10 reasons YouTube SUCKS!

  1. YouTube can turn on you like a domesticated chimp. Ban you, demonetize you, delete you, blacklist you, whatever they want. They are god as far as you are concerned
  2. YouTube does not give the starting YouTuber a fair chance. You are more likely to never be seen by anyone on YouTube.
  3. YouTube uses mysterious algorithms (that change) for payment. Like that money you got last month? Better not count on it next month, because it can drop 90% without notice. The only place where you can get 100% more subs and watch time, and make less money than you did the month before. WTH?
  4. YouTube uses the $100 min payout scam. Even If if takes you 3 years to reach $50 you will not a see a DIME until $100 has been reached. But don’t worry they will hold on to it for you though. Unless you give up, or get your account demonetized, in which case they will just keep it and call it even. Sounds fair right?
  5. They always side with large corporations. If Sony hits you with a DMCA takedown notice, you can bet your video is gone forever, regardless if you were within your legal rights of fair use.
  6. They allow abuse of copyright claims that steals 100% of your revenue. Work a month on a documentary? Put 100s of hours into it? One unfounded copyright claim and you make NOTHING.
  7. Top YouTubers get to live by a separate set of rules. They can pretty much say or do anything they want. Without repercussions as long as YouTube keeps making big money. But if you or I so much as say the word “fuck” we are risking it all. Meanwhile in hypocritical land PewDiePie shoots to mega YouTube stardom with his ever so popular catch phase “fuck her in the pussy” (I am not kidding folks). This is the hypocrisy of YouTube.
  8. YouTube wants to be the next Netflix and you are not part of that plan. That is unless you put out content daily and have 12 million or more subscribers.
  9. YouTube Red (which almost nobody has or likes) and YouTube TV is the start of paid content and you are not part of that either, unless you are paying for it that is. If you are currently paying for YouTube Red, you need reevaluate that decision to support a company that literally hates you.
  10. Finally, they support censorship, are against free speech and expression and let advertisers dictate what content is appropriate or not.

I can go on an on, but those are my top 10 reasons. YouTube is not for YOU anymore. Period. Fortunately other enterprising entrepreneurs are seeing this steady shift YouTube is making towards the mainstream, and investing millions of dollars in alternatives (like Vidme). We are seeing great results at Vidme personally. For example in 12 months we got 1,168 views on YouTube, an average of 97 views per month and a total of 18 subscribers. Now in stark contrast, in 2 months we got 761 views on Vidme, an average of 380 views per month, that is seriously a 4x increase in views alone! We also massed 39 followers (over double our subs on YT in just 2 months). After seeing such HUGE increases in our views and subscribers, I have no other choice but to say that this once again proves YouTube is really ThemTube.

Thank you for reading! See you on Vidme!

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